Throughout February, our Quintilian community has been focusing on kindness – the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Studies have shown that kids who engage in acts of kindness improve their own wellbeing and that living in a culture…

Wellness Day 2023

Wellness Day 2023 Wellness Day 2023 was a huge success! Our theme of Belonging, Being and Becoming led Quintilian students through a memorable day designed to cultivate a sense of respect, appreciation, and growth. Children engaged in the following activities-…

Wellness Day 2023


Our Quintilian Wellness Day on Wednesday 26 July is a special event centred around International Friendship Day and the themes of belonging, being and becoming. The day will conclude with a whole school picnic.

Early Learning at Quintilian

Early learning at Quintilian happens in a safe, nurturing, and welcoming environment that enables children to grow, learn, and thrive.

School and Family Mealtimes

School and Family Mealtimes. We are excited to team up with Paediatric Dietitian, Dr Kyla Smith for our first parent seminar of 2023.

On The Run Music

On The Run Music held its Annual Concert over the weekend at the Universal Bar in Northbridge. The day started with soloists/duos warming up the stage and was closed by rock bands starting as young as 7 years old. Everyone…

Wellbeing Matters


Teaching our children how to create wellbeing is essential in helping them develop into successful adults.

Digital Assemblies Term 2

We missed our families being able to attend assemblies this term, but the ‘Q’ children created some amazing digital memories.

Digital assemblies

Friday Assemblies are such a big part of each Quintilian Term. Unfortunately, due to the recent restrictions, our Term 1 assemblies have been in a digital form.

Being a Good Buddy


We have a buddy system where older children work with younger classes to develop their skills and understanding of others in the school.

Being Me

Our Sheddies have been on a path of self-discovery in the early weeks of Term 1 as they delve into the topic of ‘Being Me’.