Wellness Day 2023


Our Quintilian Wellness Day on Wednesday 26 July is a special event centred around International Friendship Day and the themes of belonging, being and becoming. The day will conclude with a whole school picnic.

Wellbeing Matters


Teaching our children how to create wellbeing is essential in helping them develop into successful adults.

Being a Good Buddy


We have a buddy system where older children work with younger classes to develop their skills and understanding of others in the school.

Making new friends

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The Sheddies had a wonderful first week and worked on making new friends. The values of teamwork and friendship last forever, and Quintilian engages a range of friendship and wellbeing programs within our curriculum.

COVID-19 Update 1

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We have started another school year with Coronavirus as the hot topic. We are confident we will work through these challenges successfully. Guidelines for the start of the school year and resources for parents.

School friendship strategy

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URSTRONG provides simple but meaningful language and skills to open up a dialogue with your kids. Activate your family membership and learn some great skills to teach your children about developing healthy friendships and managing conflict.

Outdoor Classroom


The Sheddies have been experiencing nature in their Outdoor Classroom. In our ever-busy world it is important to stop, breathe and take things in. Every fortnight the Sheddies will take their learning outside to encourage the children to take time…