For most children, the middle years of primary schooling is a time for consolidation.

  • Teachers introduce children to a wide range of activities that will help promote skill development, social interaction and teamwork. Classes often move off campus to utilise specialist sports facilities or we bring in specialist instructors.
  • Information technology is an integral part of the classroom experience and high level skills are mastered. Touch typing is introduced into the curriculum and children are encouraged to develop correct technique so that they can work with speed an accuracy. All classrooms have interactive smart boards and access to iPads.
  • Social awareness continues to evolve and your child will develop a more sophisticated understanding of their place in the classroom and world around them.
  • Physical development is quite marked during these years and your child will learn a wide range of movement skills.
  • French is introduced in Year 3 and the French teacher works with each class on cultural, artistic and linguistic activities.
  • A large variety of environment and sustainability initiatives are conducted to encourage and develop an empathy for local and global care.
  • Creative skills and techniques develop and are nurtured in all forms, whether through language, performing arts or the visual arts.
  • A love of music is fostered at Quintilian and many of our children participate in private instrumental lessons. We currently offer piano, flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, band, singing and drums, which are all done in class time.