Quintilian School is very excited to team up with Paediatric Dietitian, Dr Kyla Smith for our first parent seminar of 2023.

Dr Kyla is a Perth-based paediatric dietician passionate about helping families feed their children. With over 15 years experience working with children and parents who find mealtimes challenging, Kyla is committed to turning mealtimes into a positive experience for all families.

We’d be surprised if you haven’t come across Dr Kyla yet! With an Instagram following of 95K and appearances on several podcasts, Channel 7 News, Channel 10, a feature in the West Australian, and her own very successful website Mealtimes.

During this session, Kyla will cover the topic of School and Family Mealtimes, providing helpful information about how to keep the stress out of lunch boxes and family dinners!

Kyla will offer a Q & A session at the end of her talk, offering parents a chance to ask questions.

If you want to know a little more about Dr Kyla, you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook and visit her website.

Tickets will sell fast! Book now to avoid disappointment.