Year Group Camps

Camps are a unique and important part of the educational experience at Quintilian from Years 1 to 6. Teachers, students and parents thoroughly enjoy the educational opportunities provided by these camps and they are an annual part of each year’s experience.

Each year group visits different destinations which provide a range of exciting and challenging experiences:

  • Yr 1 – Woodman Point School
  • Yr 2 – Ern Halliday Recreation Camp
  • Yr 3 – Fairbridge Village
  • Yr 4 – Swan Valley Adventure Camp
  • Yr 5 – Bickley Outdoor Recreation Camp
  • Yr 6 – Canberra, ACT

Camps Year 1 to Year 5  the approximate cost is $150 to $250 per camp. The Year 6 group fundraise towards their Canberra Camp.

The Rottnest Family Camp

Annually in May Quintilian families spend a weekend at Rottnest enjoying several organised educational and social activities, such as the famous Golden Quokka Treasure Hunt, sandcastle making exhibition and a “Tour de Rotto” bike ride.

Bookings for the weekend are made the year prior to the camp although usually new families to the school can find accommodation when they join.

For current camp information click here. To view Rottnest Island Authority article for our 2018 camp, click here


Extra curricular