Our Board

Quintilian School relies on the support of its passionate, dedicated community to ensure effective school governance. The School Board consists of parent representatives, the Principal, school accountant (Bursar) and a staff representative. The Board meets monthly for the purpose of strategic governance, and to ensure the cultural and academic aspirations of the school are implemented.

If parents have any matters that they would like raised at a board meeting, they are encouraged to email the Chair of Board. All correspondence sent to the Board is confidential.


Member Role Email
Sue-anne Munckton Chair of Board, Events Committee,
Governance Committee and
Finance Committee
Dean Roberts Deputy Chair/Secretary,
Governance Committee
Neil Collins Principal (ex officio),
Marketing Committee,
Finance Committee,
Strategic Planning Committee
Rebecca Potts Deputy Principal (ex officio)
Events Committee
Charles Herring Bursar (ex officio), Finance Committee,
Strategic Planning Committee
Ezekiel Sim Member, Finance Committee,
Strategic Planning Committee
David Waterhouse Member, Events Committee, board@quintilianschool.wa.edu.au
Kylie McVeigh Member, Marketing Committee board@quintilianschool.wa.edu.au
Tamra Lindsay Member, Events Committee board@quintilianschool.wa.edu.au
Mel Rayment Member (ex officio) (Staff Representative),
Strategic Planning Committee




Sue-anne Munckton
Chair of School Board

Neil Collins
Principal (ex officio)

Charles Herring
Bursar (ex officio)

Mel Rayment – Staff Member (ex officio)

David Waterhouse

Kylie McVeigh

Ezekiel Sim

Dean Roberts
Tamra Lindsay

Rebecca Potts – Staff Member (ex officio)