School Hours

School is open and supervised from 8:00am – 3:30pm
Office hours are from 8:30 – 4:00pm
Teachers are available 8:30am – 3:40pm

On-site Before School Supervision is provided in the Quintilian playground free of charge from 8:00am daily for children from Pre-Primary – Year 6.

Classes Start 8:50am
Morning Recess 10:30 – 10:50am
Lunch 12:30 – 1:05pm
School Finishes 3:15pm

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten hours are 9:00am to 3:00pm.

Parents are asked to pick up their children promptly at 3pm and before 3:30pm as there is no formal supervision after this time. However, children under parent or carer supervision are allowed to play in the school grounds at any time. After school care is offered next door at Moerlina School until 6pm. This is run by professional after school care “Indigo Kids Club”.

Booklists 2024

Please complete your 2024 Booklist orders online at:

by Friday 1st December 2023.

Using “Y62X” as your code Orders can still be placed past the ‘return date’ but it may incur a late fee. Book orders are delivered directly to the school in January 2024.

Quintilian – PRE-K FINAL 2024

Quintilian – K FINAL 2024

Quintilian – PP FINAL 2024

Quintilian – Y1 FINAL 2024

Quintilian – Y2 FINAL 2024

Quintilian – Y3 FINAL 2024

Quintilian – Y4 FINAL 2024

Quintilian – Y5 FINAL 2024

Quintilian – Y6 FINAL 2024


All children have a designated undercover eating area and this is supervised by staff.  We encourage parents to minimise packaging as much as possible so the use of a lunch box with washable containers is recommended.

The school has an arrangement with School Lunch Online for delivered lunch orders. Lunch orders are placed directly with the supplier online.

School Lunch Online is available every school day.

Orders must be made before 8am each day and can be made in advance.

Please update your child’s YEAR GROUP annually. Staff are also welcome to order.

If you haven’t previously ordered, you will need to set up an account at:

The school does not take responsibility for the ordering of lunches. Older students have a roster system in place to deliver the lunches to each classroom.

During school excursions your child must bring their lunch.

“Hangout on Hay” are our school lunch supplier: They are based in Subiaco.

Hangout on Hay School Lunch Menu Quintilian School 2024

After school care and Holiday Care

On-site before school supervision is provided in the Quintilian playground free of charge from 8:00am daily for children from Pre-Primary – Year 6.

After School Care

Indigo Kids Club provides after school care for Quintilian students off site, which is located next door to Quintilian school.

After School Care –  runs from 3pm-6pm Monday- Friday and afternoon tea is provided for children.

Vacation care is also available during the school holidays 7am-6pm and this includes a variety of fun incursions and excursions.

See Summer 2023-2024 program:

Indigo Jolimont Vac Care Program- Dec Jan 23-24


16 Brockway Rd, Mt Claremont Western Australia 6010

Tel: (08) 9387 6610 Email:

Website Link

INDIGO CLUB Enrolment Link:



Facilities at Quintilian School can be hired for birthday parties, clubs and other functions.

Please direct all further inquiries to the School Reception on 9383 4274 or at

Quintilian Party Hire Application Form

The school actively encourages after hours use of the grounds and buildings by various Quintilian Community  and external groups; for music and language tuition, drama and dance, workshops, meetings and parties. We also host many functions organised by the Events Committee, eg quiz nights, new parent evenings and BBQs. Anyone interested in using/hiring our school facilities should contact our reception for further details.


The school does not have a formal uniform so our children dress suitably for the climate and planned activities. We have a “no hat, no play” policy during summer to protect from over exposure to the sun. One polo shirt/T shirt is required to be purchased and this is worn when the children go on excursions, play sport, go on camp or are representing Quintilian.


The school actively encourages children of suitable age to walk or ride to school and there are footpaths surrounding the school, however there are no cross-walks nearby. Some streets have 40km/h flashing speed signs that come on during peak periods. There are bus and train services close to the school. Exit gates are supervised to make sure that only children allowed to walk or ride home do and all others are kept back until a parent picks them up. Many parents choose to drive their children but there is limited onsite parking. There is a slip lane for drop off and pick up but no cars are allowed to be left unattended in this area.

School Buses

The school is very fortunate to own 2 x 27 seat buses to use when required.  All the teachers have licenses to drive them. They are equipped with seat belts and air-conditioning and are very comfortable. The school uses the buses for all excursions and camps.

Annual General Meeting

The school holds its Annual General Meeting in March of each year.


School assemblies are held each Friday morning at 9:00am and feature a nominated class performance. The children love the opportunity to perform in front of the school and parents, grandparents and family friends are welcome to attend.

Class Social Co-ordinators

Each class has a parent social co-ordinator to arrange social events for the year group parents and students. They also ensure new families are welcomed and are essential for activating the nurturing and accepting culture of the school.

Orientation Morning 2024

Orientation Mornings are held in late November and are an opportunity for new and existing students to meet one another and their teacher for next year.

Invitations are sent to each new child and their parents, asking them to join us.

Orientation Mornings for new students for 2025:

Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten –
Thursday 28 November 2024, 9am-10.30am

Pre-Primary to Year 6 –
Thursday 28 November 2024, 8.50am – 10.30am
Parents are also welcome to stay for a cup of tea.



Year Group Camps

Camps are a unique and important part of the educational experience at Quintilian from Years 1 to 6. Teachers, students and parents thoroughly enjoy the educational opportunities provided by these camps and they are an annual part of each year’s experience.

Each year group visits different destinations which provide a range of exciting and challenging experiences:

Camps Year 1 to Year 5  the approximate cost is $150 to $250 per camp. The Year 6 group fundraise towards their Kimberley Camp.

The Rottnest Family Camp

Annually in May Quintilian families spend a weekend at Rottnest enjoying several organised educational and social activities, such as the famous Golden Quokka Treasure Hunt, sandcastle making exhibition, and a “Tour de Rotto” bike ride.

Bookings for the weekend are made the year prior to the camp although usually new families to the school can find accommodation when they join.

For general Rottnest  information click here.


Quintilian  Family Rottnest Camp – Dates 2024:
Friday 3 May – Sunday 5 May 2023| Rottnest Family Camp