Throughout February, our Quintilian community has been focusing on kindness – the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate. Studies have shown that kids who engage in acts of kindness improve their own wellbeing and that living in a culture of kindness can help our children be more emotionally regulated.

Explicit teaching of kindness shows our children what it looks, sounds and feels like and this can help them know how to be kind themselves from a young age.

Kindness is also contagious and it can completely turn a child’s whole day around. When you have kind, compassionate children, the day is brighter and more productive and it paves the way for all the other important social-emotional childhood skills to be more effective.

Here is how Year 2 have been learning about kindness:

Kindness at Quintilian

The Smile Challenge

Have you ever tried to make someone else smile by smiling at them? It’s so easy and it fills you up with all the good feels. In Year 2 we recorded the days we swapped a smile with someone and reflected on how this effected our friendships.

Kindness Counts Project

We looked at what a Kind Kid says, does and is. Thinking about what kindness means to each child created a beautiful picture of how we can be kind each day.