Friday Assemblies are such a big part of each Quintilian Term. Due to the recent restrictions, our Term 1 assemblies have been in a digital form. While we have all missed having our families come to watch the class assemblies, the children have enjoyed learning new skills and acting in front of the camera. Each class has tackled the digital assembly item interestingly and innovatively!

This week we had the French Assembly, which gave us a great insight into what each year group has been learning in French and showed off some excellent language and singing skills.

The Pre-primary group made a clever (and cute!) adaptation of Where is the Green Sheep? With the children acting out the various sheep characters from this much-loved story.

In the Year 1 digital assembly, we met each class member and found out a little about them. While the Year 2s did a fantastic job presenting their video All the Ways to be Smart.

Our Year 3 students created a magical Minecraft backdrop for their assembly. In addition, the students made an excellent movie detailing the Quintilian Sustainability Program and how each year contributes. Jim also proved himself to be a talented children’s book narrator!

The Year 4s showed off all the work they have been doing this term and provided us with an entertaining skit about their teacher Anne.

The Year 5 group has been learning about the history of our land, including the Quintilian School area. Their assembly movie shared some of these fascinating historical facts with the audience.

The sports assembly was very creative and professional (good editing Sporty Sarah). We learned all about our bodies, health, and movement. In addition, there were loads of fun facts that you may not know about your body. You can watch the Sports assembly here.

We cant wait to be able to invite you all back to school soon and look forward to sharing assemblies with family and friends when all the restrictions have been lifted.