At Quintilian, the upper primary children are encouraged to take more responsibility for the school and the welfare of the whole school community, through an ongoing buddy system.

A buddy system exists where older children work with younger classes to develop their skills and understanding of others in the school.

Buddy systems contribute to children’s social and emotional learning, increase self-esteem and help develop caring learning communities.

The older students build supportive relationships with younger students and engage in behaviours they would naturally enjoy, such as reading, talking and playing games.

Recently, the Year 4s have had so much fun getting to know their Pre-Primary buddies. They have been doing activities together, such as reading stories, playing on the adventure playground, and drawing chalk pictures.

The buddy system forms part of Quintilian’s overall Wellbeing Program. 


Being a good buddy | Buddy system at Quintilian School Being a good buddy | Buddy system at Quintilian School