Does Quintilian follow the same curriculum as other schools?

At Quintilian the programs are developed in line with the Australian Curriculum, West Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline and other related State Government documents. The basic premise of these documents is that there are eight key learning areas, namely:

  • The Arts
  • English
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Languages
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Humanities and Social Science (HASS)
  • Technologies

Progress is made in each of the eight learning areas as children develop greater skills and understandings from Pre-Kindy through to Year 6. At Quintilian teachers provide programs that are child-centred, offer high interest content, include a wide range of both excursions and incursions and ensure that the children have fun, but still provide academic rigour.

There is also an emphasis on the development of fundamental numeracy and literacy skills as well as excellent problem solving and independent learning skills. Creativity is fostered and the children are confident performers and public speakers. The academic results at Quintilian are always excellent.

When do you pay the Enrolment Fee?

The enrolment fee applies once only per family from Pre-Primary to Year 6. It is no longer required for Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten.

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What is Quintilian’s policy on entry-age?

Children may enter our pre-kindergarten program at any time during the year once they have turned three years of age.

What are the staff/student ratios?

Our aim is to maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:20 and this allows our teachers to know, understand and cater for the needs of each child.

Any class over 20 may have extra staff assigned to assist with the teaching so that the teaching ratio is 1:20.

Where do children tend to go when they leave Quintilian?

The children make the transition from Quintilian to a wide range of government and independent schools exceptionally well. They leave with highly developed independent learning  skills, positive self-concepts, an excellent grounding in literacy and numeracy skills, and a positive attitude towards learning.

What specialist staff do we have at Quintilian?

Our current specialist staff includes a Music Teacher, French Teacher, Physical Education Teacher and a Library Teacher and ICT Coordinator. Drama and Dance are also taught for one term throughout the year.

We have teacher coordinators for Upper Primary, ELC and Lower Primary, Sustainability, Inclusive Education and Gifted and Talented Education.

What is the school’s philosophy and approach?

At Quintilian the students are seen as individuals. Our teachers use a variety of methods and approaches to accommodate each child’s needs and interests.

Parents and other family members are encouraged to participate in the life of the school, fostering a culture of community and diversity.

Warm, caring relationships develop between the staff and students and learning is designed to respond to the children’s natural curiosity, while providing them with new challenges.

We provide a non-competitive learning environment where children strive to achieve their individual best. Remediation or extension is provided where appropriate.

In what ways are parents involved at Quintilian?

Quintilian is a very friendly and sociable school and parents often become friends for life. There are numerous social events, fundraisers, student performances, school discos, busy bees and class catch ups so parents and extended families can be involved.

Some parents assist on a regular basis in the classroom, library, garden, events or go on excursions and camps. Others become involved at a Board level and take part in the overall management of the school. In general parents at Quintilian are very passionate, committed, friendly people who embrace the school culture whole heartedly.

Do children keep the same teacher throughout their schooling?

At Quintilian we are fortunate to have an outstanding group of highly skilled teachers and teaching assistants. Your child will be exposed to a variety of teachers and teaching methods during their time at the school. Our teachers are all talented, creative professionals who are capable of teaching across the school and work collaboratively to get the best learning outcomes for students.