Our upcoming Wellness Day on Wednesday 26 July is a special event centred around International Friendship Day and the themes of belonging, being and becoming. The day will conclude with a whole school picnic after school, so come along with a picnic rug and some afternoon tea!


Belonging is a fundamental aspect of our human existence, and it starts with our connections. Children first belong to a loving family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood, and a wider community. Throughout their lives, relationships play a crucial role in shaping their sense of belonging and influencing who they are and who they become.

At our Wellness Day, we aim to foster a strong sense of belonging within our school community. We want every child to feel welcomed, valued, and part of a larger whole. Through various activities and interactions, we will encourage meaningful connections and celebrate the diversity that makes us unique.


Childhood is the time to be free, explore, and make sense of the world around us. It’s all about living in the present moment, building relationships, experiencing both the ups and downs of life and overcoming everyday challenges.

The concept of ‘being’ reminds us that life doesn’t have to be rushed; childhood should be a time of joy, wonder, and exploration rather than one filled with pressure, haste, and stress. During Wellness Day, we will create an environment where children can express themselves, engage in activities they enjoy, and do things at their own pace. By allowing them to truly be themselves, they can immerse themselves in their passions and interests.


Becoming is all about how childhood experiences shape our children’s future opportunities. It’s about helping them reach their full potential and preparing them for what lies ahead. While being present in the here and now is essential, we also understand the importance of preparing for what lies ahead. Striking a balance between being and becoming, we hope to provide children with the skills and self-assurance to become confident, successful learners.

We can’t wait to celebrate Wellness Day with our Quintilian Community and build our sense of belonging, being, and becoming. It will be a day filled with joy, connections and plenty of opportunities to learn and grow.