Emotions with Kimochis

Kimochi means “feeling” in Japanese ((KEY-MOE-CHEE) and the Kimochis Program is a social-emotional learning and character education program based on research that shows when children are taught social, emotional, and behavioral skills at a young age, there is a positive effect on how they problem-solve and interact with their peers later in life.

The Kimochis are plush characters, each of which represents a  feeling that they are dealing with in corresponding storybooks. While they look like toys, they are also powerful communication tools!

Through Kimochis your child will learn how to:

  • recognise and manage emotions;
  • demonstrate caring and concern for others;
  • establish positive relationships;
  • make responsible decisions;
  • handle challenging situations constructively.

To find out more about the inspiration behind the Kimochis Program, and additional resources available to parents, visit the Kimochis website here.