From humble beginnings in Perth, David Castelanelli has grown to become Australia’s leading Youth Success Mentor.

Once again, we have teamed up with David Castelanelli, 2018 WA Youth Ambassador, presenting his CUBS program to our Year 5 cohort.

CUBS is an 8-week self-development program, teaching our students essential skills they require to succeed at school and in life.

Each week David will workshop a relevant topic, including:

  • the challenges of living in an online world;
  • social media usage;
  • goal setting;
  • modern time-management;
  • relationships and communication;
  • leadership; and
  • resilience.

David is widely regarded as one of Australia’s leading youth speakers and has presented on the international stage to young people worldwide.

These sessions are high energy, fun and interactive, and our students enjoy David’s relatable approach.

Find out more about David here.