Quintilian offers 3 days of Pre-Kindergarten and 5 days of Kindergarten.

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Pre-Kindergarten Days and Kindergarten Days

Early Learning

At Quintilian, we embrace the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), focusing on the essential elements of Belonging, Being and Becoming. Our approach is centred on recognising and responding to the individuality of every student, fostering warm and caring relationships between staff and children.

Education at Quintilian is not just a process; it’s an enjoyable experience for all children. We recognise the significance of early childhood learning as the foundation for future educational endeavours. Our belief is that childhood is a precious time to be valued and enjoyed. We place high importance on children’s play, understanding that play-based learning environments are optimal for engaging and educating young minds. Your child’s social and emotional development is at the forefront of our programme and play is the primary vehicle for learning.

Through small class sizes, we offer a warm, nurturing home-like environment where children feel comfortable to explore their curiosity and make new discoveries.


Your child’s social and emotional development is of the utmost importance. Ensuring they feel loved, comfortable and accepted allows them to thrive in their learning environment and make the most out of the experiences and opportunities. At Quintilian, we pride ourselves on creating an inclusive, nurturing, and respectful environment where children feel connected, valued, and secure. A strong sense of belonging lays the foundation for positive social and emotional development, contributing to your child’s overall well-being and readiness for future learning experiences.













At Quintilian, we celebrate children as individuals and respond to them accordingly. We value children’s play and recognise that purposeful play, provocations and inquiry-based learning are the ways young children engage and learn best. Our teachers create an environment that supports the current developmental stage of each child, whilst fostering a sense of self-worth and contributing to a positive and meaningful early learning experience.


We seek to nurture self-motivated, life-long and active learners with an understanding of themselves and their world. Our aim is to follow the children’s lead and provide all children
with experiences and opportunities to acquire the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and sensitivities to make the most of their potential and become global citizens

Partnerships with families

At Quintilian, we celebrate the collaboration between parents and teachers, acknowledging that successful education is achieved through a partnership between home and school. We
warmly welcome parents and family members into our community, encouraging their active participation. Our teachers communicate openly, notifying parents when their support is
beneficial, thereby creating a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

At Quintilian, we aim to nurture self-motivated, lifelong learners who possess a deep understanding of themselves and the world around them. The early years here are characterised by a dynamic, stimulating, and vibrant learning environment, where every child is encouraged to embrace the journey of belonging, being, and becoming.