At Quintilian, we retain a warm and nurturing home-like atmosphere creating a natural transition into learning. The Early Childhood Centre is separate from the older children and provides safety and security as children develop their confidence and independence. The Early Childhood Centre encompasses Pre-Kindergarten (3-year-olds) to Year 1.

We follow the Early Learning Curriculum, where there is a focus on play-based learning, stimulating an understanding of literacy, numeracy and social skills.

Some things you can expect from this stage include:

  • Spoken language is developed and the understanding of sounds and meaning is advanced through a combination of explicit phonics.
  • Pre-reading skills are cultivated and individual reading books are introduced when appropriate.
  • Numeracy skills and a host of other activities are encouraged through a variety of teaching/ learning methods which helps to advance these skills further.
  • A specialist music program is implemented from the Pre-Kindy onwards and rhythm, dance and singing games foster participation and a love of music.

Real-life and nature-based experiences are highly valued at Quintilian so incursions or a day out on the bus are integral parts of learning. It might be a simple Teddy Bear’s Picnic, a visit to Sculptures by the Sea or a train ride to the city but children get to explore a variety of locations to develop their understanding of the world around them. Parents are always welcome to share these experiences.