Richard and Jim from Bike Smart are working with our Year 4 students during August and September.

The Bike Smart program promotes the safe use of bicycles as students become more independent riders. Riders are given the competencies to ride safely in low-traffic environments such as shared paths, footpaths, bike paths and quiet streets.

Students learn a range of skills including:

  • The correct way to use their bike helmets.
  • How to carry out equipment maintenance
  • How to conduct safety checks
  • The rules of the road
  • How to stay visible when riding, as well as a range of safe riding practices and bicycle control skills.

The Bike Smart program is a skills program we run annually with our Year 4 cohort, and it’s always great to see more bikes coming to school when the program is running! Riding to school daily is both healthy and great for the environment, and we are happy to team up with the BikeSmart program to promote safe riding practices for our families.

For some great tips on bicycle safety, you can read the Bike Smart ABC and Helmet Check.