Quintilian is an Independent School. What does that mean?

The term ‘independent’ can be confusing, and indeed, there are many independent schools in Western Australia with different philosophies.

So what does ‘independent’ mean at Quintilian School? In summary, it means autonomy and accountability.

If children love coming to school, a love of learning is easily nurtured.

Independent schools are diverse in the communities they serve, the approach they take to education, the needs of their students, and their size. What they all share is a sense of autonomy.ISA

Autonomy enables the school to respond effectively and creatively to the needs of the students and parents we serve, and fulfil our philosophy of providing child-centred learning and a nurturing environment.

Teachers can be selected based on their outstanding credentials and ability to teach in ways that align with the values and philosophy of our school community. Strong relationships between teachers and students are enabled by maintaining small class sizes with a low student-to-teacher ratio.

Teaching and learning autonomy allows Quintilian to implement best practices, innovative teaching and creative thinking while keeping to the Australian Curriculum and West Australian Curriculum and Assessment Outline.

Independent schools are highly accountable. Quintilian is responsible to the local communities, required to meet public educational and financial accountability standards and comply with the legislative, regulatory and reporting requirements that apply to all schools. All our income is used for the direct benefit of our school community.

Quintilian School relies on its passionate, dedicated community to ensure effective school governance. The School Board consists of parent representatives, the Principal, Deputy Principal, a Bursar and a staff representative. The Board meets monthly regarding strategic governance and ensures the school’s cultural and academic aspirations are accomplished.

 “Independent schools nurture intellectual curiosity, stimulate personal growth, encourage critical thinking, and promote a lifelong love of learning. Independent schools are a significant, large and growing component of the Australian schooling system. They have a reputation as providers of quality education and are recognised for their leadership and innovation in school education.” ISA

We invite you to see why we have a reputation for providing an outstanding, child-centred education. Book a private tour of Quintilian and experience our wonderful school environment, excellent teachers, and happy children.

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