Quintilian students in Year 4 took a train into the city last week to visit The Art Gallery of Western Australia – AGWA.

They participated in the ‘Looking and Thinking’ guided tour followed by a fun and imaginative workshop using soft blocks to build, connect and make structures.

They also learnt to ‘gamify’! (To make an activity more like a game in order to make it more interesting or enjoyable.)

Genuine creativity, emotional intelligence and critical thinking are becoming increasingly required skills…

Looking and Thinking Tours: Experience works of art through a process of questioning and close observation, stimulating curiosity and inquiry. Learn to identify the basic elements of line, colour, texture and shape and how artists use them to evoke emotions and ideas. Students will explore their feelings, memories and experiences in response to the art.

Unlocking Imagination Workshops: These artist-led workshops provide opportunities for students to learn the capacities required for authentic creativity as opposed to creating step by step artworks with known outcomes. Skills like deep listening, trust, risk-taking, empathy, connection and collaboration are at play in these sessions. The workshops are made up of responsive experiments, activities and art games that give children an opportunity to make creative choices and learn to trust their unique way of responding to art, each other, and the world.

This was a fun and exciting excursion for the Year 4s – using public transport, visiting the city and seeing the new-look Art Gallery of Western Australia.

Quntilian students visit AGWA Quntilian students visit AGWA Quntilian students visit AGWA


Quntilian students visit AGWA