Dear Parents,

As with most schools in the metropolitan area, the parking and speed of cars in the streets around Quintilian School is problematical and there is no easy solution to these problems.

By far the most common complaint I hear from parents is when other parents park and leave their cars in the drop-off/pick-up slipway next to Brockway Road. Our parents who follow the correct usage of this slipway become very agitated when the slipway doesn’t work due to parents who park and leave their cars. A very dangerous outcome from this incorrect use is that there becomes a bank up of cars out onto Brockway Road which increases the likelihood of rear end accidents and this also increases the aggravation for other users of this road. This slipway was built some years ago with the advice and support of the City of Nedlands.

The City of Nedlands has a regular rotational roster for their rangers, whereby they visit all schools in their area and then at other times depending on traffic conditions or reports. Please be aware that the rangers will often hand out speeding or parking fines during these visits.

Quintilian Road

Over the past two years, I have been in regular discussion with the City of Nedlands to try to decrease the number of cars using Quintilian Road and to reduce the speed of these users.  There is also a local resident’s action group who are working very hard to get some changes made to Quintilian Road. At the beginning of this year the City of Nedlands installed some speed reducing cushions, however, these have made little difference to the speed of cars.

I know a number of parents are also concerned about the traffic on Quintilian Road and I encourage you to express your concerns to the City of Nedlands, as this will assist my efforts to get some significant changes made. Martin Glover, Director of Technical Services: and/or the Mayor Max Hipkins:

Neil Collins