Quintilian School was recently featured in the Post Newspaper  Education Guide 2021.

If children love coming to school, a love of learning is easily nurtured, says Principal Neil Collins.

When our 3-year-olds enter the purpose-built Early Learning Centre (ELC) for their first taste of school, they discover a place that encourages exploration of the natural environment in the playground and state-of-the-art classrooms.

All children in the ELC are taught by university-qualified specialist teachers, ensuring a vibrant, fun, and active play-based learning experience occurs. The essential early literacy and numeracy skills are explicitly taught.

Excellent facilities, discerning parents who value and support learning, wonderful outdoor experiences, and highly talented teachers all help ensure Quintilian students maintain a desire to learn. We aim to maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:20, allowing teachers to know the students’ individual needs and provide a child-centred education.

All Quintilian teachers have their bus licence and use our buses to take students to a variety of outdoor adventure experiences that complement and tie into the curriculum. Experiential learning is paramount to allow our students to relate their learning to the real world.

One of the highlights for students is the annual class camps for Years 1 to 6, where many parents also get involved at a variety of different camp locations. Our parents are essential partners in our school community and are welcomed and encouraged to get involved in the educational experience at Quintilian.

The school ethos is to recognise the differences between children, to celebrate this diversity and utilize it to produce confident children who have a strong self-directed work ethic, love learning, perform exceptionally well academically, display good social skills, are creative and value the arts, and lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

In numeracy, our students are taught using the methods of Singapore Maths as we know the evidence and results show this is an excellent way to learn mathematics.

Specialist programs are run in French, Music, Drama, Dance, Library, Learning Support, Coding and Robotics, PE and Sport. And every student from Pre-Kindergarten to Year 6 have music and sport lessons with specialist teachers.

In addition, the school’s instrumental music program currently has approximately 100 students involved in learning a musical instrument in piano, violin, cello, guitar, drums or singing in the choir.

A wide range of sporting activities are offered, including surfing, sailing, martial arts, netball, football, hockey, basketball, touch football, floorball, soccer, water polo and cross-country.

“We are very proud that our upper primary students have a long history of achieving scholarship places in various gifted and talented programs at Perth Modern, Shenton College, John Curtin College of the Arts and local independent secondary colleges, while others have achieved acclaim in the visual and performing arts, and to represent the state in various sports,” says Principal Neil.

Limited vacancies are available for 2021 and enrolments are now being taken for 2022 and 2023. We invite you to book a tour of our school with Principal Neil by contacting our Registrar, Rachel Tierney, on 93834274 or by email: registrar@quintilianschool.wa.edu.au.

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