Quintilian strives to provide a unique style of education, which includes our annual camps for various year groups. Our Year 6s are currently enjoying the experiences and education that Canberra and the Snowy Mountains offer. This camp is something of a rite-of-passage within our school, providing another opportunity for students to continue to challenge themselves and grow their self-confidence and resilience. I am sure the Year 6 students will continue to develop strong bonds during this week. Who knows, there may even be a new Prime Minister during their visit to the Federal Parliament!

In consideration of education at Quintilian, the School is always looking to develop and improve the learning environment and it is in this regard that the School Survey (undertaken every two years) was circulated by the School Board last term. We had a great number of responses which included queries from some parents as to how they can increase their participation at the school via the School Board. To assist in increasing the visibility of the function of the Board, as well as developing potential future members, the Board would like to request nominations from parents with an interest in Marketing (Pepita Bulloch) or Events (Sue-anne Munckton) to consider joining these sub-committees for the remainder of this year. This will allow individuals an opportunity to obtain a flavour of how the school operates in these areas before potentially committing to a more formal role at the AGM (March 2019) when three out of the six elected Board positions become vacant.

On that note, please feel free to come up to myself or any of the other Board members during events or drop-off and pick-up. We have uploaded photos on the School website to help identify us, so please say hello when you get a chance.

Finally, many thanks to the Events Committee for organising the highly successful Trivia Night earlier this month, which is an important Fundraiser as well as being a wonderful community event for the School.

Best regards

Richard Stegena
Chair of Board