As was recently announced by the Premier, from Thursday, all children in Years 3-6 are required to wear a mask in all public indoor settings including school, with usual exemptions to apply. We do have a number of smaller children’s size disposable masks at reception for any parents who are unable to source appropriate masks for this Thursday.


Staff and Year 3 -6 students must wear a mask at all times as mandated unless:

  • the person has a physical, developmental or mental illness, condition or disability which makes wearing a face-covering inappropriate
  • communicating with a person who is deaf or hard of hearing and visibility of the mouth is essential for communication
  • the person is engaged in physical activity, including physical education classes and organised sport
  • the person is consuming food, drink or medicine provided, they do not need to be seated; and/or
  • staff are providing teaching or instructions to students

Entering the school grounds:

  • if necessary, parents are permitted on the school grounds for drop-off and pick-up; however are not permitted in classrooms
  • parents should not gather within our school grounds
  • all parent-teacher interviews will now occur online or over the phone
  • parents, carers and other visitors must wear a mask if it is necessary to enter the school grounds

The definition of close contact with a positive case in a school or childcare setting includes:

  • face-to-face contact for 15 minutes or more with an infectious person, where a mask was not worn by the exposed person or the person with COVID-19
  • interaction for more than two hours in a small indoor space or interaction for more than two hours in a classroom environment with an infectious person, where masks have been removed for this period; or
  • someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.

Thank you for your ongoing support in maintaining a safe learning environment at Quintilian School.