Dear Parents,

The recent Quintilian Family Christmas Carols event showcased the talents of our students, teachers and especially Music Marie. In addition, I was very surprised by the farewell songs, student comments and other speeches I received regarding my retirement. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time as Principal of Quintilian, and I am very proud of the unique and outstanding educational environment we provide for our students.

For the past 35 years, I have been privileged to have worked in education, and I cannot think of a better career. As a Principal, it can sometimes be very challenging, but schools are also inspiring and rewarding. Our staff are nurturing, guiding and protecting the most precious people in our parents’ lives. The opportunity to influence their learning and make a difference is profound.

I wish to thank everyone at Quintilian for trusting me with our beautiful school’s leadership and for your kind and generous farewell messages. My wife and I are looking forward to plenty of travel overseas next year.

Year 6 and others leaving

I have enjoyed getting to know our Year 6 students exceptionally well during their time at Quintilian, and they are an eclectic, fun-loving and intelligent group of students. I am sure they will leave Quintilian with many fond memories and stories that they will continue to share with friends and their families over time.

I am confident that our Year 6 students and their parents will acknowledge that these stories and memories would not be possible without the people in their Quintilian lives – their friends, teachers, educational assistants and other staff.

I also extend my best wishes to other students and their families who are leaving Quintilian, and I trust you go with very fond memories.  

To our staff who leave us at the end of this year, Jim O’Raw, Michelle Beins, Alaina Clarke and Marie Italiano, thank you for the many different and amazing ways you have impacted our school. You will all be missed, and I hope your new opportunities are everything you want them to be.

I wish everyone an exciting festive season and a safe holiday break, and I look forward to seeing you again one day.

Neil Collins, Principal