The Sheddies had a wonderful first week and worked on making new friends. Together they built a Friendship Mat. They all worked as a team creating this beautiful and symbolic hanging wall art.

The Friendship Mat represents the Sheddies class as a whole and all the wonderful and important things that the class (and all classes!) needs.

The feathers represent our gentle hands and remind us that our hands are for helping.
The straws represent sharing and taking turns and remind us to take care of each other.
The beads represent the kind words being used in our classroom.
The pipe cleaners represent fun and remind us that playing is learning.
The ribbons represent the happiness we feel when we are at school together.

The Friendship Mat will hang in the Sheddies classroom and remind everyone that they are part of a wonderful team and together they are going to have an incredible year in Sheddies!

The values of teamwork and friendship last forever.  At Quintilian, we have a range of Wellbeing and Friendship programs that promote healthy relationships and positive friendships throughout the school journey.