“Bike Smart” tip of the week : Engage ‘Power Position’ with your right foot and always look back over your right shoulder before moving off.

Our Year 4s are being put through their paces with the Bike Smart program, promoting the safe use of bicycles as they become more independent riders.

Richard and Jim from Bike Smart ran the first of four sessions with the children this week.  Session One had a focus on riding and situational awareness. Riders are given the competencies to enable them to ride safely in low traffic environments such as shared paths, footpaths, bike paths and quiet streets.

The first session focused on getting riders off and riding, with the following skills covered:

  • bike safety and overview
  • scanning behind
  • slow riding
  • slalom riding
  • controlled braking

The children were also given at-home activities, such as undertaking a “slow bike race” with a parent or guardian. This involves riding as slowly as possible, whilst still moving forward, without your feet touching the ground.

For some great tips on bicycle safety, you can read the Bike Smart ABC and Helmet Check.

The Year 4s are looking forward to future sessions of the Bike Smart program.