At Quintilian we believe in instilling life skills that will equip each child to confidently take on the challenges of later schooling and life. With a focus on self-motivation, self-confidence and self-discipline; a respect and tolerance of others; and providing the educational standards and learning skills that will ensure they succeed.

As part of Quintilian’s ongoing commitment providing our year 5 and 6s with important life skills, we are excited to partner with David Castelanelli, 2018 WA Youth Ambassador.

David will be presenting The Cubs Program to our upper primary students. This is an 8 week self-development program, teaching them the most important life-skills they require to succeed in 2021 and beyond. Each week David will workshop a relevant topic, including the challenges of living in an online world, social media usage, goal setting, modern time-management, communication, resilience and more.

David has more than five years of professional public speaking experience within schools, universities and government.  At just 22 years of age, thousands of students have benefited from the authentic, relatable and transformational power of his school programs and books.

From humble beginnings in Perth, Western Australia, Mr Castelanelli has grown to become Australia’s leading Youth Success Mentor – working with over 150+ schools annually.

He has been voted one of Australia’s National Top 100 Young Leaders and now offers his books and online presentations to an international audience of students.

David has dedicated his life to helping young people achieve their own versions of success and happiness.

Find out more about David here.