One Big Voice - Senior School Choir Excursion Performance

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20th August 2021

One Big Voice - Senior School Choir Excursion Performance

Friday 20 August at the RAC Arena.

Dear Parents

Firstly, thank you for getting your children to our Senior Choir rehearsals each week this term. The children have been such fun to work with and I am so proud of the sound they are now producing as a group. It is magnificent to see and hear how far they have come along since the beginning of the year.

As you know, One Big Voice is fast approaching. It will be held on Friday 20 August at the RAC Arena. The children will be at the arena from approximately 9:30am until 2:30pm on this day and we will be travelling by school bus and teacher cars to the arena. The children will need to have a Quintilian Blue Polo T-shirt to wear to school on this day.

Parents, family and friends are welcome to attend the concert itself which will run from 12-2pm. If you are attending the concert, you will need to purchase your own tickets. Tickets will go on sale in late July/early August and all sales are through Ticketek. When purchasing tickets, you need to ensure that you buy your tickets in the correct section so that you can see our children from your seats. There are three sections, each named after a composer: Mozart, Chopin and Beethoven. Schools are yet to be allocated a section but this information will be released on the One Big Voice website just before tickets go on sale. I will confirm our section in an email so please don’t buy any tickets until you know the correct section as Ticketek rarely refund money for purchasing tickets in the wrong section. As well as purchasing tickets in the correct section, it also important that you buy tickets for the matinee show, not the evening show.

I aim to finish teaching all of the songs before the end of this term which will leave us some time to polish the songs, learn choreography and fix any issues in the first few weeks of Term 3. It would be really helpful for me and for the children if they could do some practice using the One Big Voice website over the school holidays. The children should know how to access the website. The password is concert. It would be great if the children could also have a go at learning some of the choreography which is also on the website under the students tab. There are videos for the children to watch and dance along to. I have attached a list of the part that our choir is singing for each song. It is important that the children learn the correct part, both when singing each song and performing the choreography.

Many thanks


Michelle Beins│Music Teacher│Quintilian School

t: (08)93834274 e:


46 Quintilian Rd, Mt Claremont WA 6010

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