21st May 2021

HI All,

This Friday 21 May we will be visiting Eaton Farm School in Serpentine. Eaton Farm School has approx. 20 students ranging from Pre-kindy to Year 1.

We will be meeting the children who will take us on a tour of their school and animals.

We will take morning tea (fruit and biscuits) to share with them and they will be providing us with a picnic lunch in the paddock.

Lunch will be a sausage in a bun. If you prefer your child not to have this or they do not like it, please pack lunch for your child.

You child will also need the following in their school bag;

• Hat and water bottle
• Raincoat if we have wet weather
• Wellington boots or old shoes
• Wear clothes that can get dirty
• Spare pair of clothes
• Lunch if they do not want sausage in a bun

We will be leaving school at 9am and return at 3pm.

Looking forward to a wonderful excursion,

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