Upper Primary

The Upper Primary Years at Quintilian are seen as a time where the emerging talents of the young child are honed in order to prepare the child with the skills that they will require to be successful in their Secondary Education.

Subject areas become more important in the upper years and the children will study the core subjects of Mathematics in groups that enable support to be provided where required and for extension to be supplied for those children who require it. Currently in Year 6 the children are allocated to one of three mathematics groups by ability. Working in small groups allows children, with similar requirements, to flourish in a class that will extend their abilities and allows greater individual time with the teacher. Many of our children operate at a level that is well above the expected ability of primary school and many will leave our school for scholarship places at the larger Independent Schools or the Academic Extension Programmes in the State High School System.

A Yr 7 in the School Production

Being part of the School Pantomime

English is covered in the classroom setting with high level oral and written skills being a strong focus. Comprehension skills are taken to a sophisticated level and the children are introduced to a range of quality literature.

The results of the NAPLAN testing have consistently shown that our children operate at a level well above state expectations and benchmarks and compare very well against schools of a similar background.

Children are given the opportunity to take part in the University of NSW ICAS Mathematics, English, Writing and Spelling competitions.

Specialist teachers do work with the Upper Primary classes in Science, Music, French and Library. This prepares them more and more for the change to secondary structured schooling.

Sport and Physical Education are important as children move into the upper primary years. Apart from regular physical education lessons, the school offers a range of teams and sports after school and at weekends. These have included, Netball, Basketball, Soccer, Minkey, floorball and Tennis. Within class sport the school is involved in the IPSHAA Winter Lightning Carnival (Soccer and Netball), The IPSHAA Basketball Carnival, The JSHAA X-Country Carnival and inter-school sports during Term 2. The children also take part in a wide range of other sporting experiences which currently include yoga, badminton, volleyball, and in Year 6 the children participate in a sailing and surfing programme under the direction of the State Sailing and Surfing Centres.

Sailing lesson at Matilda Bay

Sailing lesson at Matilda Bay

Camps are an integral part of our educational experience and the highlight for Year 6 is a seven night camp to Canberra, with two days skiing at Thredbo. These are wonderful opportunities for the children to enhance their experience of Australia and to develop their independence.

The upper primary children are expected to take more responsibility for the school and the welfare of the whole school community. A ‘Buddy’ system is in place where older children work with younger classes to develop their skills and understanding of others in the school. Homework is provided when it is deemed necessary and organisational skills are developed. Where required, extension work and support work for individual children is provided. Please note that Homework is not compulsory at Quintilian and parents have the ultimate say on whether it is done.

A wide range of co-curricular clubs and activities are provided for children across the school and in recent years these have included, Italian Club, French Club, Art Club, Chess Club, Environmental/Gardening Club, Chior, Band, Theatre Sports, Knitting Club, Coding and Robotics.


Yr 6 Camp in Canberra

The upper primary children are the leaders in the school and they take the major roles in activities such as the school productions, music performances and a myriad of other activities. Our children are prepared for Secondary School in the best possible way. They enjoy school, they have a desire to learn, they are confident and articulate and they leave our school ready for the challenges and adventures ahead. Reports back to the school have clearly shown that our children have great confidence and independence and that they make an easy transition to their high schools.