Middle Primary


For most children the middle years of primary schooling are years of consolidation. Most children will have mastered the basic skills of literacy and numeracy and they will be introduced to more complex processes and concepts. In numeracy there will be a change from the concrete to the development of abstract thinking and mental computation, number bonds, times tables will be learnt, practised and consolidated.

Social awareness will be developing and children develop an understanding of their place in the social structure of the classroom.

middle-02Physical development is quite marked during these years and children develop the ability to handle the basics of sport and complex physical control. The teachers will introduce the children to a wide range of activities that will help promote skill development, social interaction and teamwork. Classes often move off campus to utilise specialist sport facilities or bring in specialist instructors.

Information Technology becomes an integral part of the classroom experience and high level skills are mastered surprisingly quickly. Touch typing is introduced into the curriculum and the children are encouraged to develop correct technique so that they can work with speed and accuracy. All classrooms have interactive smart boards.

A foreign language is introduced in Year 3 and this is currently French. The French teacher works with each class on a range of age appropriate cultural, artistic and linguistic activities.

middle-03The study of science and the physical world becomes more detailed during the middle years.  The school runs a number of environment and sustainability initiatives and the middle years are encouraged to develop an empathy for local and global care.

Creativity in all its forms becomes more sophisticated and the children continue to develop skills and techniques that enable them to express their creativity. This is encouraged and nurtured in all its forms, whether it is through language, performing arts or the visual arts. At Quintilian the children regularly speak and perform in assemblies and by the middle years the level of confidence and ability often astounds parents.

Specialist areas of Music and French are continued during the middle years. A love of music is fostered and many children will participate in the private instrumental programme. Currently offering piano, flute, clarinet, violin, guitar, band, singing and drums.