Serving the needs of students and parents since 1975

Quintilian School is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational school, established in 1975. The school is managed by the School Board with significant input from both parents and teachers.

Quintilian offers primary education from Pre-kindergarten to Year 6. Quintilian is a community school where there is a direct partnership between the parents and teachers in the education of the children. Academic excellence and rigour is pursued, but equally, social skills, physical health and the arts are of vital importance in preparing the children for secondary schooling and their place in society. Our aim is to maintain a teacher to student ratio of 1:20 and this allows our teachers to know, understand and cater for the needs of each child.

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A warm, caring environment is created where each child is valued and each child is known as an individual. The relationship between the teacher and the student is seen as vital if learning is to be maximized.

A holistic view of education underpins the schools approach and we want to develop a child in the areas of academics, creativity, social skills, community responsibility, health and fitness. Real life experiences enhance the learning process and children need to go out and view the real world as much as possible. A child centred approach is fundamental to the school.

Whats Happening

  • 18/08
    Yr 1 Assembly
  • 19/08
    Yr 6 Camp
  • 25/08
    Book Week Parade
  • 26/08
    Tournament of Minds Yr 5-6
  • 28/08
    Percussion Incursion Sheddies-Yr 6
  • 29/08
    Board Meeting 6.30pm
  • 01/09
    PP Assembly (Father\'s Day)
  • 06/09
    Yr 6 Francis Burt Ctre AM