All About the Drama

Drama helps children’s speech, movement and confidence and provides the opportunity to learn and use a diverse range of skills. 

School friendship strategy

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URSTRONG provides simple but meaningful language and skills to open up a dialogue with your kids. Activate your family membership and learn some great skills to teach your children about developing healthy friendships and managing conflict.

Education Guide Feature 2021

Quintilian School recently featured in the Post Newspaper Education Guide, showcasing our commitment to providing an outstanding education.

Learning Science with Chickens

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As part of their science unit this term, Year 2 has been exploring life cycles and how some features of living things change throughout their life stages while other features stay the same. To explore this up close, the students…

Dance Thurs 1 July – 1:45pm

Due to the current COID-19 restrictions in place, this event has been rescheduled. Dance Performance 1:45pm Thursday 1 July – Undercover Area Students have been working hard learning and creating dance pieces this term. Their performance is in the undercover…

Outdoor Classroom


The Sheddies have been experiencing nature in their Outdoor Classroom. In our ever-busy world it is important to stop, breathe and take things in. Every fortnight the Sheddies will take their learning outside to encourage the children to take time…

Disco Fri 23 June – 5 to 7pm

Quintilian School Disco – Friday 25 June 5pm to 7pm Theme: Pyjamas $5 Cash on the night. 5pm to 7pm Friday 25 June Sausage Sizzle, Dancing and fun. Quintilian Primary School Disco

Constitutional Centre Visit


The Year 4s recently visited The Constitutional Centre of Western Australia to learn about the difference and similarities between rules and laws. They were engaged through fun activities to explore the reasons why we have rules and laws in society…

Breakfast Wed 23 June – 7.45am

Upper Primary Information Session 7.45am Wednesday 23 June, Quintilian Music Hall. Breakfast Seminar: How do Quintilian students transition to High School? 7.45am light breakfast for 8am presentation. Coffee Cart available from 7am. Upper Primary Information Breakfast A question often asked of the…

Learning about Wildlife

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An important part of our early curriculum at Quintilian School is learning about wildlife and the environment. This term the Sheddies have been looking at living and non-living things. After numerous conversations and engaging with different provocations, the children were…

Containers for Change

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Quintilian School is collecting drink containers as part of the State Government’s Containers for Change program, which provides a 10c refund for each container recycled through the initiative. The Quintilian community is encouraged to collect their drink containers at home…