Sustainability, Ecology & Environment

Water droplet splashWaste Wise

Quintilian School is committed to our students understanding sustainability and water management practices. We believe that through education and modelling, we can make a difference and instil a strong respect for the environment in our students as well as the wider Quintilian community.


Waste wise strategies will continue to be taught to all year levels from kindergarten to year seven through mini waste wise workshops, specific lessons and incursions.

Chicken eggsFree Range Chickens

Our chickens roam freely about our organic vegetable gardens and they are cared for by our children.

Organic Vegetable Gardens

In addition to the educational value, the gardens will continue to be used to demonstrate the connection between the recycling of waste, the chickens, and the growing of vegetables. It is a constant cycle of renewal and interdependence. The parents and teachers love our vegetables and eggs as part of our exploration of enterprise and of course, sustainability. The garden beds will continue to be used for theme related activities including cooking and nutrition.

Being Water Wise

We educate and teach strategies for using water sparingly whenever possible, visiting our local water treatment plant, etc. and we are an accredited “Water Wise School.”

lights out of focusEnergy Awareness

We  educate the student body about energy use and waste, participating in energy competitions whenever possible (Synergy’s Switch Off Competition), to promote a whole school approach to conserving energy. You can learn more about our renewable energy system here