Guitars in guitar rackAt Quintilian, our focus in the music department is on participation! Led by a specialist music teacher, all students from Pre-Kindy through to Year 6 have at least one class music lesson each week, in which they experience and respond to music in all its varied forms. We have a spacious and well-equipped music teaching room, with a digital piano, fourteen electronic keyboards, a range of percussion instruments and a quality sound system, not to mention a stage for presenting those great performances!

Research has shown that music is the one subject that uniquely contributes to the cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth of all students. At Quintilian, children are introduced to music-making from their very earliest years, through singing, percussion, movement and dance. As they progress through the school, opportunities arise for students to take up private tuition on a range of instruments or voice, whilst class lessons include choral singing, recorder and keyboard work.

We have a team of well-qualified and experienced staff and visiting teachers who give private instrumental or vocal lessons to a large proportion of our children during the school day. Tuition is currently offered in piano, keyboard, flute, clarinet, violin, saxophone, guitar, band, singing and drums.