Early Childhood


The Early Childhood Years are the important foundation for a child’s learning. In these years a child is introduced into a learning environment that is different from the home, but that retains a homelike atmosphere.

For some children the Pre-kindy or Kindergarten classes are their first experience of being away from home and it is here that they take their first steps towards independence. Children quickly learn to develop their skills in wider social situations and sharing and cooperation become the norm. The approach at Quintilian is child-centred and a rich learning environment is created where children are immersed in rich language, colour, music, movement and above all fun. The seeds of their future learning are sown in a nurturing and warm environment that parents are welcome to share.

Under the Early Learning Curriculum, developing an understanding of language, literacy and numeracy is fostered in a stimulating environment. Spoken language is developed and the understanding of sounds and meaning is advanced through a combination of explicit phonics. Pre-reading skills are cultivated and individual reading books are introduced when appropriate.


Numeracy skills and a host of other activities are encouraged and a range of concrete materials helps to advance these skills further.

Students develop fine motor skills and fundamental movement skills throughout these early years. A specialist music programme is implemented from the pre-kindy onwards and rhythm, dance and singing games foster participation and a love of music.

Play is an important element of the early years. Through play the child makes sense of the world, practices the skills that they have learnt, develops the social skills and develops the fine and gross manipulative and movement skills. It is also a time when the imaginary becomes real for the child and creativity flows. As a result, time is allowed for free activities and play during the early years of schooling.

earlychild-03Real experiences are valued at Quintilian. Incursions and excursions are an integral part of the Quintilian experience, and the children are taken to a wide variety of locations to develop their experience of the wider world. Parents are always welcome to share these experiences.