About Our School

Boy comforting a girlQuintilian School is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational, Pre-K to Year 6 primary school.

A Distinguished History

Quintilian School was established in 1975 and moved to its permanent home in Mount Claremont in 1992. It was founded by a small group of parents and educators who saw the need for small-scale, community orientated schooling focusing on the recognition that children possess a natural curiosity and desire to learn. At Quintilian, the differences in children’s learning styles are recognised and supported. Responding effectively to these differences is viewed as central to a successful child-centred programme. It is also seen as essential to keep the student to staff ratio low.

The school is named after the Roman educator Marcus Fabius Quintilianus. He believed that the aim of education was meeting individual needs and although his primary task was to teach oratory or rhetoric, his views on wider education are of permanent value. It is the recognition, nurturing and working with each child’s individual character and ability that many parents feel is the most important feature of Quintilian.

Our Approach

Girl doing school workThe Quintilian approach encourages experimentation, problem solving and integrated curricula, and aims to keep learning exciting and relevant. The programme enriches the day-to-day experiences of school by drawing frequently on the resources of a wide range of community and cultural groups, and of the parent body.

Quintilian is an independent, co-educational, non-denominational primary school, managed by the School Board with significant input from both parents and teachers. The strong partnership existing between parents and staff is viewed as fundamental to the successful operation of the school. Parents are encouraged to spend time in their children’s classrooms and any assistance offered is gratefully received. The underlying philosophy encourages input from both parents and children.

Quintilian has special structures and characteristics that promote learning skills, including: a vibrant classroom atmosphere; provision of open ended tasks; numerous discussions; involvement of parents; active involvement in the community; teacher support; and, the resources to work independently.

At Quintilian we hope to encourage in every child: self-motivation, self-confidence and self-discipline; a respect and tolerance of others; and to provide the educational standards and learning skills that will equip each child to confidently take on the challenges of later schooling and life.