Our Board

Students At The WA ParliamentThe Quintilian School depends on the support of its community and their involvement in effective school governance. The school Board consists of parent representatives as well as school teaching and administration staff. The school Board generally meet once a month to discuss general issues that arise in relation to the governance of the school.

Within the school Board there are also a number of committees that operate.



Chair of Board Peter Robinson
Deputy Chair Pepita Bulloch
Principal (ex officio) Neil Collins
Bursar (ex officio) Charles Herring
Secretary Sue-anne Munckton
Member Andrew Stevens
Member Nadja Cramer
Member Richard Stegena
Member (Teacher Rep) Rebecca Potts

If parents have any matters that they would like to be raised at a Board meeting, they are encouraged to contact a Board member and forward a letter outlining their suggestions or concerns. The Board communicates with parents about school matters on a regular basis.