Boys playing in the sandQuintilian is a community school where there is a direct partnership between the parents, teachers and students in the education of the children. This relationship is vital if learning is to be maximised.

A warm, caring environment is created where each child is valued and each child is known as an individual.

At Quintilian we believe that children are individuals who require an approach that is child-centred and caters for a range of learning styles.

The inherent desire to learn is fostered in the school so that all children feel that they can be successful and learning can be fun and exciting.

A holistic view of education underpins the schools approach and we want to develop a child in the areas of academics, creativity, social skills, community responsibility, health and fitness.

The development of self discipline is valued over imposed discipline. The school has a philosophical expectation that children will behave appropriately, but will respond if this is not the case.