There are two procedures that differ slightly regarding enrolments and they are Local & International. For International enrolments please click here.

Local Enrolments

The simple steps involved in enrolment are:

  1. Make an enquiry
  2. Tour Quintilian with our Registrar
  3. If requested, arrange an appointment with the Principal to answer any questions and to seek advice.
  4. Complete an Application Form either from our website or we will post one out
  5. When offered a place – accept Enrolment

Do you want to make an initial enquiry?

To make an initial enquiry, either phone (08) 9383 4274 and speak with the Registrar or email the school at registrar@quintilianschool.wa.edu.au

Do you want to tour the School?

Tours are conducted mainly on Tuesdays and Thursdays when all classes are on campus allowing viewing of all year groups. Our tours provide an excellent opportunity for you and your child to see the School in action and to ask any questions of our Registrar.

Do you want to apply for admission for your child?

Complete the Application form and return with the relevant documentation and application fee.

Once you have completed an Application form what happens?

  1. Receipt of your application will be acknowledged in writing.
  2. Your child’s name is added to the waitlist.
  3. If a place is available, an offer of place will be made. Positions are allocated based on the school’s protocol.
  4. You accept, or, decline the offer.
  5. To accept the offer, the relevant enrolment documentation must be completed and returned along with a non-refundable Enrolment Fee and a Refundable Bond payment.